5 Rules For Hunting With a Dog

If you are looking to have an enjoyable hunt and would like to be invited to future outings, here are 5 rules you must follow for hunting with another man’s dog.

1.) Listen to the dog handler. It is their dog, they make the rules. If they ask you to only shoot at birds that are pointed (by a pointing dog) or flushed (by a flushing dog) then listen. They are most likely not “asking” but “telling”. It is all part of the training process that they have spent countless hours on.

2.) NEVER shoot a bird that is on the ground. Even if the bird is wounded. The dog may be right on its trail and there is a great chance of accidentally shooting the dog. This is also an important safety measure when hunting near other people. Let the dog take care of all downed game.

3.) Do not try and handle the dog unless the owner gives you permission. Some dog handlers like to be in full control of their dog. They do not like other people telling the dog what to do or where to go. Leave that to the person that trained the dog. If you want to learn how to handle a dog, ask to assist in the training sessions and watch closely while hunting.

4.) Do not talk poorly on another man’s dog. Most bird dogs are truly a man’s best friend. You wouldn’t like it if they talked bad about your best friend all day.

5.) Ask plenty of questions and have fun. Most dog owners love to show off their knowledge on the breed, individual dog or just hunting in general. If you are interested in getting your first dog this is a very important step in the dog owning process.

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